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Playing with Snow Indoors

              I totally stole this from a friend who posted a picture on Facebook. The weather has been sooooooooooo cold (down to -20 and sometimes even less). How do we get the kids to

Reading Strategies

              I am extremely lucky to have such a supportive family. Both my side and my hubby’s side have never once questioned our choice to homeschool, but have always been super supportive. Yey! I

Space Unit…continued

            I may or may not have based our entire space unit on the fact that we would build a space station. With boxes. To fill our entire living room space.   We have SERIOUSLY

Moon Phases Using Oreo Cookies

              Although we are a bit extreme when it comes to the food we eat (organic when we can, vegan/vegetarian family, non-GMO…I can go on!), I bought a bag of Oreo cookies (gasp!) for

Getting Creative – using play mats as a board game to teach kids

              For the first time since before we were married (over 8 years ago) we got the flu. Holy moly, have we been hit hard! We are on day 5 and still haveĀ  symptoms,

Starting to Read!!

              PROUD mama moment!!! My little man is starting to read!!! This is exciting for me because he is a whiz at math. He loves numbers, counting, subraction, addition, etc, etc. He has never

Intro to Space

              Happy New Year, friends!!!! It’s a FREEZING COLD one here in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada….-40 with the wind chill! It’s like living in the Arctic! The holiday season was a beautiful one for us

Past week of Gratitude Elves!

Ok, I’ve missed the last week and a half. We had some pretty crazy sicknesses in the house, on top of important family events. Family life got in the way – never a bad reason to miss posts! I’m just

Making Lanterns with Squash

              In following with our amazing Earthschooling curriculum, we made lanterns with squash today. We read a couple of stories from our curriculum in regards to lanterns and this activity fit perfectly with our

Making Beeswax Candles

            I know it’s 2 months away, but when you make most of your holiday gifts, now’s the time to start! I gave the boys a few ideas they could do to make for others,