Not Back To School 2014-2015








Today, many our friends went back to school for the new year. For us, we are always learning. There is no beginning and no end. We just go. I love that about the more unschooling method we tend to lean towards. It just fits so well with our lifestyle!


photo avery 2014

Here’s Avery, still totally into inventors, spent his day inventing wooden contraptions and creating stories. He would be in Senior Kindergarten. He said the sun was in his eyes and doesn’t look like his typical excited self because of it! haha


photo Cruz 2014

Here’s Cruz, officially in JK (junior kindergarten for us Canadians, I had NO IDEA that preschool in the US was JK for Canada….preschool for us is 2.5 years until school age of 4). Since I followed so many preschool curriculums for Cruz last year (from the US, meaning JK for us), he’s pretty advanced for JK. Today he spent his time drawing a picture book about a tornado and chose some activities from his favourite workbook (this kid loves worksheets!).


Last year we chose a bunch of different types of curriculum in the hopes of finding what works best for us. In the end, Cruz is a sit-down-with-worksheets sort of kid and Avery is an I-want-to-do-it-to-learn-it learning style. I realized this after MUCH observation and note-taking. I’m pretty sure that’s the lesson I learned from our first year – take notes and observe!


We will continue to use our Earthschooling curriculum (we are lifetime members) as well as Montessori from Home.


The boys are really into me reading them chapter books, so literacy studies will come from that (we just completed Anne of Green Gables and are now working on The Wizard of Oz).  We throw in a lot of  plays, acting, art, poems, etc. with the books we read, but its all completely spontaneous and comes from whatever the boys want to do, which I LOVE!


This year we are trying something new, which really fits with our philosophy of educating our boys. It’s called Project-Based Homeschooling. The concept of this method is to allow the children to self-led and educate themselves with project-based learning. For example, we studied inventors this summer. We took the boys on a trip to Philadelphia to learn more about Ben Franklin, helped them find books at the library to assist them in their project learning/ideas, collected items from everywhere (around the house, garage sales, thrift stores) to be used for ‘inventions’ (the word ‘prototype’ has never been used more than it was in our home this summer!).  We had a blast! I wake up each morning having no idea what we will take on that day, but excited at all the possibilities. Such fun!


Here’s to a life of learning from home!