Starting to Read!!








PROUD mama moment!!! My little man is starting to read!!!

This is exciting for me because he is a whiz at math. He loves numbers, counting, subraction, addition, etc, etc. He has never shown interest in letters of the alphabet or anything.

I use mostly Waldorf curriculum, which follows the idea that children learn letters, words, etc. in higher grades (Avery would be in JK). However, I knew he was ready to read. I saw the signs.

scholastic phonics program

So, I’ve been teaching letter sounds and a couple of sight words and he’s now picking them up so quickly. He was THRILLED when he read this entire book (the total video was over 5 minutes, but I had to cut it down to 20 seconds so it would upload from my phone). I’ve been using this Scholastic Phonics Program, which I got from my FAVOURITE festival, called the Telling Tales Festival (all about literacy). He’s so proud of himself and I am one proud mama!