Space Unit…continued







I may or may not have based our entire space unit on the fact that we would build a space station. With boxes. To fill our entire living room space.


We have SERIOUSLY had a blast with this thing. We snuggled up with the iPad to watch all sorts of awesome videos by Chris Hadfield (who, may I add, is Canadian and lives less than an hour from us!). Here are some of our favourites:
How to barf in space (remember, I’ve got 2 boys)
How to make a PB sandwich in space
How to brush your teeth in space

building a rocket

Here is Cruz decorating his space ship.

building a rocket

Avery is checking the weather outside his rocket.

our international space station

The international space station in our living room! The boys attached their rockets to either side and created doors into the main station. I’m not gonna lie – I’ve been having some real fun in there with them!

Oh, right, we did some real learning, too.

Ordinal numbers with preschool and kindergarten for space

I introduced ordinal numbers to them using this video. We then organized the planets in their correct positions.

make your own astronaut

Crayola has a really cute astronaut printable, which I cut out and made faceless. The boys each drew themselves in the face instead. It even has a blank flag, so they drew their own. Here is Cruz drawing a picture of himself on the flag. It’s his moon now!

astronaut letter matching

Here is some letter matching from an astronaut learning pack I found here.


so that’s all the fun we’ve been having!