Reading Strategies








I am extremely lucky to have such a supportive family. Both my side and my hubby’s side have never once questioned our choice to homeschool, but have always been super supportive. Yey!

I was honoured when one of my husband’s aunts (a kindergarten teacher) offered to have a fun afternoon sharing strategies for teaching Avery to read. So this past Saturday, that’s just what we did!

She gave me suggestions about how to introduce words. By using common words found in books we read together, we will now start using these techniques.

paint bag to practice printing

Today, we started with a paint bag. Here, Cruz drew the letter “C” for his name. This was just made with a zip-loc bag filled with about 1/4 cup of blue paint. Push it all down flat and then seal it up! Avery later wrote his name in this, as well as the word “my”, which he slowly sounded out when we read an early reader book.

print using water with paintbrush

This next activity was painting words on a chalkboard with water. I’ve done this before, first printing with chalk, then using a wet finger to ‘erase’ the word. Using a paintbrush is just as fun!

printing words in sand, rice or salt

Here is Cruz printing his name in sand. I saved this sand from a trip to Cuba 2 years ago. I KNEW I had saved it for a reason! If you don’t have access to sand, salt or fine rice would work just as well.

writing window markers

I caught Avery by surprise as he used a window marker to print his name. Another idea to use with a word a child is trying to learn.

We did all of these activities with the word “my”. It was AMAZING to see how quickly Avery learned that word when we used all these activities to reinforce it.