Moon Phases Using Oreo Cookies








Although we are a bit extreme when it comes to the food we eat (organic when we can, vegan/vegetarian family, non-GMO…I can go on!), I bought a bag of Oreo cookies (gasp!) for the project we did today with the moon.

moon phases with oreo cookies

I must say, it was a hit with the boys! I took the tops off the cookies to show the ‘moon’ inside. We then went through each moon phase (which they are now very familiar with, since we’ve been studying space now for 4 weeks) and I slowly cut away at the ‘moon’ of the cookie to make its phase.

moon phases with oreo cookies

Avery has that huge smile on his face simply because he knows he gets to eat one of these bad boys when we’re done!

moon phases with oreo cookies

At the end, this is what we had for the phases of the moon:
– Full moon
– Gibbous
– Half moon
– Partial Crescent
– Crescent
– New moon

At the REAL end, we had no cookies left on the table 🙂

For the resources we used for the moon, check these out!
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