Intro to Space








Happy New Year, friends!!!! It’s a FREEZING COLD one here in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada….-40 with the wind chill! It’s like living in the Arctic!

The holiday season was a beautiful one for us and I hope it was for all of you, too.  I took a bit of a break from my computer, hence no posts for awhile. I’m back into the swing of homeschooling and this month we are super excited to do SPACE!

alphabet stamps and pointers

We took a trip to our local Scholar’s Choice to pick up a Solar System bulletin board set. Of course, I came out with two ABC stamp sets and some pointers for the boys as well. I could have bought more had the boys not been there and I had more time to browse!

space mural with planets

I introduced the concept of space with the planets from our bulletin board set. The boys punched out each planet and we laid them out in order onto mural paper. Add some stickers and paint a sun, et voila!

In terms of curriculum, I’m using this preschool pack from 1+1+1=1 as well as some ideas from Homeschool Creation and, of course, Pinterest! Check out my planets board!

making moons with play dough marbles glue cap and top of pencil

We made some moons with dough, using a recipe from here. We had a conversation about the texture of the moon and how the craters are made. With this, we gathered some ‘tools’ to make craters in our dough moons. This included the cap of our glue, marbles and the top of our pencils.

moons made from play dough

Once they were complete, I baked them for 20 minutes at 350 degrees. When they were cool, we painted them gray. I plan to use them again in a couple of weeks when we discuss astronauts.

space brainstorming words

Daddy even did some space brainstorming with the boys! They told him anything they knew about space and he drew it out. Much different from how I planned the lesson, which is why I love taking turns teaching. He brings out so much creativity!

I have two more weeks planned with some fun experiments and a visit to a Children’s Museum to check out their space exhibit.