Getting Creative – using play mats as a board game to teach kids








For the first time since before we were married (over 8 years ago) we got the flu. Holy moly, have we been hit hard! We are on day 5 and still haveĀ  symptoms, so we’re staying in the house. In pjs. All day. As you can imagine, we are getting a tad stir crazy.

setting up the play mats with the kids for the boardgame

Out of nowhere, this idea came to my head: why not make a life-size board game??? The boys have been into board games lately and we had a ton of these play mats stored in the garage. The idea was magical!

Here’s what we did for the board game the first time we played (it’s over 4 minutes long!). I used our Montessori sandpaper letters, asking the kids to name the letter. If they got it right, they moved forward and got to go again until they got it wrong. Then it was the next child’s turn.

photo 4

We also re-created the board game upstairs and used dice.

photo 5

They would roll the dice, count the letters, and move that many spaces until one of them reached the end.

Here are some other ideas and ways you can use a human board game to teach (kids move up a space if answering correctly):- memory games
– comprehension questions in regards to literacy
– true or false games for a themed units
– opposites (opposite of hot is ____?)
– simple math questions
The ideas are quite endless! I plan to use this game again tomorrow to reinforce the facts we have learned so far about the planets.