I\'m a Teaching Mom

Influenced by the Montessori and Waldorf methods, this is our journey as we homeschool our kids using the world as our classroom!

Where We Have Been

We love to travel and see new places. Whether it is in our own city, province, country or the world! Check out some of the places we have been,


Want to see the things we love? Want to know more about what we use to learn? Check out these reviews!


Not Back To School 2014-2015

              Today, many our friends went back to school for the new year. For us, we are always learning. There is no beginning and no end. We just go. I love that about the

How to do Philadelphia for FREE!

Last week we got back from a road trio to Philadelphia and I am left feeling so inspired! It all started about a month ago when the boys were really into inventing things. So we decided to study inventors! I

Where have I been?

So I realize I haven’t posted in 3 months, exactly. What’s happened?? Well, some crazy stuff when it comes to my business. We’ve still been full-steam-ahead with homeschooling, but something had to give, which was this blog.   Things are

Playing with Snow Indoors

              I totally stole this from a friend who posted a picture on Facebook. The weather has been sooooooooooo cold (down to -20 and sometimes even less). How do we get the kids to

Reading Strategies

              I am extremely lucky to have such a supportive family. Both my side and my hubby’s side have never once questioned our choice to homeschool, but have always been super supportive. Yey! I

Space Unit…continued

            I may or may not have based our entire space unit on the fact that we would build a space station. With boxes. To fill our entire living room space.   We have SERIOUSLY

Moon Phases Using Oreo Cookies

              Although we are a bit extreme when it comes to the food we eat (organic when we can, vegan/vegetarian family, non-GMO…I can go on!), I bought a bag of Oreo cookies (gasp!) for

Getting Creative – using play mats as a board game to teach kids

              For the first time since before we were married (over 8 years ago) we got the flu. Holy moly, have we been hit hard! We are on day 5 and still haveĀ  symptoms,

Starting to Read!!

              PROUD mama moment!!! My little man is starting to read!!! This is exciting for me because he is a whiz at math. He loves numbers, counting, subraction, addition, etc, etc. He has never

Intro to Space

              Happy New Year, friends!!!! It’s a FREEZING COLD one here in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada….-40 with the wind chill! It’s like living in the Arctic! The holiday season was a beautiful one for us